Closing Remarks: CEILAM Cohort 2020

One of my very favorite things we do at River Campus Libraries is our Career Exploration In Libraries and Mentoring (CEILAM) undergraduate employment program. Each spring semester a cohort of  students of diverse backgrounds cocreate and manage projects with library workers from across every portfolio. We do so to introduce students to library work as… Continue reading Closing Remarks: CEILAM Cohort 2020

Fighting with Friends: On Manifesting a New Division

It's a weird time to be talking about anything that isn't the plague or the rise of fascism. I'm going to do it anyway because working on the communication and passage of Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures has been such a massive part of my professional service the past two years. The bonds and relationships I formed in the process… Continue reading Fighting with Friends: On Manifesting a New Division

A good clean fight.

Below you'll find an excerpt from the introduction to a panel I moderated at the Charleston Conference titled Capitulating or Capitalizing, Compromising or Combatting: What is Meaningful Discourse Between Library and Vendor?. I am so grateful for the participation of Ashley Krenelka-Chase, Cris Ferguson, Rachel M. Fleming, Erin Luckett, and Kristen Twardowski. Hi, everyone. Thanks… Continue reading A good clean fight.

Envisioning Feminist Leadership – AAUW Keynote, 5-9-2019

Below is the script of my keynote for the Valparaiso, Indiana branch of the American Association of University Women annual celebration. It was an honor and a thrill to to be invited to speak on the subject of feminist leadership to this group of extraordinary women. Hello everyone! It’s an honor and a thrill to… Continue reading Envisioning Feminist Leadership – AAUW Keynote, 5-9-2019