Transparency, Empathy, Empowerment: Reframing Recruitment in Academic Libraries

I have long been critical of our hiring practices and interview models in academic libraries. I have sat on the interviewer side on many occasions watching candidates struggle and flounder, and it's not their fault. It's ours. I have often wondered- what do we think we are measuring by putting candidates through a grueling, repetitive… Continue reading Transparency, Empathy, Empowerment: Reframing Recruitment in Academic Libraries

Feminist Hacktivism

One of the real delights of librarianship, from my perspective, is the varied work which lends itself to so many different styles of projects. Recently, through a UH Libraries Microgrant, I was lucky to be able to volunteer at a sponsored Feminist Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon. The goal of the event was to encourage participants to edit… Continue reading Feminist Hacktivism

Collection Data Visualization

Here are some resources I have recently helped develop to facilitate and support the growth of a community of practice around Collection Data Visualization. Please use, enjoy, and collaborate. Collection Data Visualization Wiki - A collaborative workspace for us to share and discuss standard visualizations and templates. Data Visualization from Scratch LibGuide - A learning… Continue reading Collection Data Visualization

Charleston Conference Recap and Resources

I am currently working to put together a data-visualization-for-collections listserv and wiki, but I am happy to share my powerpoints, resources, and LibGuide from the preconference and presentations I delivered at the Charleston Conference. Data Visualization from Scratch Preconference LibGuide Rolling with the Punches...And Punching Back: The Millenial Librarian's Approach to Library Budgets and Acquisitions… Continue reading Charleston Conference Recap and Resources

Collaboration is the New Leadership: When to Lean in and When to Lean Back

View from Big Bend National Park

Below is a short excerpt from my forthcoming chapter in Millennial Leadership in Libraries, which is being compiled and edited by the incomporable Ashley Krenelka-Chase. Look for the book to be published in early 2017 by Hein. “In the 21st century, the digital revolution shows no signs of slowing down. To remain relevant, any institution,… Continue reading Collaboration is the New Leadership: When to Lean in and When to Lean Back