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It Takes Guts to Be Gentle and Kind

You may never have met me in real life, and at times in creating this professional portfolio site I’ve wondered how much my personality has actually permeated. Do you know that I’m a joyous sort of person, inclined to chatting and boogieing to music while doing my work? I am. I’m a laugher and a gift-giver and a good friend and colleague.

Since the election, however, I have been grieving and fighting. I am continually anxious and angry but I still have my usual exuberance. It’s a heady mix that has meant I have been plunging ahead because only with the passage of time will our national nightmare end.

It’s been a rough year, dear reader. And in between pausing to worry and springing to action, I have been experiencing unprecedented professional success and recognition. I considered making a timeline of events so you could see how my recent accomplishments brutally coincided with national events, but that seems self-aggrandizing. My accomplishments are so small in the face of these injustices, and I am unable to parse my personal from my political.

So I won’t.

Instead, I’ll leave you with the Smiths, whose chiding lyrics have been my touchstone as I try to move to a more sustainable mindset for the duration of what looks to be a nasty few years. I am with you in it. I am listening to sad songs and trying my best.






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